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Diving spots

Curaçao has dozens of beautiful scuba dive locations where Julien is happy to take you. Have you done your own research? Please let us know in advance and we will see together whether this is a suitable location.


Tugboat is one of the most famous diving and snorkeling sites on the island and my “office” because I do most of my dives here.

Director’s Bay

Director's Bay is the former private beach of the Shell management. 1 of Julien's favorite places.

Marie Pampoen

At Marie Pampoen you go into the water in the small harbor. Ideal for beginners.


Vaersenbaai is a nice diving spot on the beach of Kokomo Beach.

Double Reef

Double reef is a dive site for more experienced divers, where you can make a drift dive.

East point

The various dive sites at East point are all breathtaking. Large coral formations and lots of fish can be found here.

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See how far you can go with scuba diving

Do you already have a diving license, do you not feel like navigating or do you find it difficult or do you like to dive under supervision? Julien knows all the diving spots and, as an experienced guide, is happy to take you to the most beautiful places. You can then ride on the bus or go on your own if you would like to stay at the location in question, for example with your family. Julien knows the places that are most suitable for this!

Guide dive

From 75 USD

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