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We are happy to welcome you at the dive site where we will dive. We will always send the location the day before your dives. If you do not have a rental car we can discuss options to arrange a transfer. We do not have fixed timetables such as those used by the larger dive centers. You can dive or start a course on any day of the week at any time.

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We meet at the dive location. If you don’t have a rental car contact us to discuss our pick up service. You can dive or start a course on any day of the week at any time. In principle, after the briefing you will ride from the diving school in our bus to one of the dozens of diving locations. If you want to stay at the location after the dive, that is of course also possible. You can then follow us with your own transport. Would you rather discuss the theory and/or take the theory exam as a family in your own holiday home? No problem, everything can be discussed with Julien.

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Curaçao also has dozens of other beautiful diving locations where Julien is happy to take you in his dive bus.

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Marie Pompoen

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Do you already have a scuba certificate, do you not feel like navigating or do you find it difficult or do you like to dive under supervision? Julien knows all the diving spots and, as an experienced guide, is happy to take you to the most beautiful places. You can then ride on the bus or go on your own if you would like to stay at the location in question, for example with your family. Julien knows the places that are most suitable for this! You can book a guided dive with full equipment from 75 USD.